What is Islay /ˈaɪlə/ ?
1. Create games with just ovals and arrows!

Define the behaviour of the characters with just ovals and arrows! The characters will move according to your design diagram. Even elementary school students can create games easily with Islay.

2. Multi-platform support

The created games can be played on platforms other than pc. For example, convert your games to Flash in order to share your games on the internet with people all over the world.

What kind of games can be created?

Depending on your effort, you can create various kind of games!
Express your creativity in creating your own games!

Islay Pub

Developer: Kazuomi Suzuki

Enjoy creating and playing games by using Islay within web browsers!
Publish your works and share them with the users from all over the world!

Islay Pub


Developer: Erjing Zhou

A redesigned version of Islay for tablet devices with optimized user interface. Try the new version now and enjoy the features brought by multi-touch gestures!

Currently released as beta version on two major Android app markets. Please click at the Google Play or the amazon appstore button to get the latest version.

Download links for the instructional materials used in CoderDojo(currently available only in Japanese):
●  Intro to IslayTouch
●  Fire engine game
●  Decimal counter
●  Breakout
●  Invader game

Islay Master

Developer: Adnan Saleh Rashed

A perfect tutorial program of Islay for beginners!

Learn all about IslayTouch simply in 5 steps!

Islay Touch

Islay Pro

Developer: Yoshihiro Ito [ImageSlider][Peta]

Create games that combine 2D and 3D characters together! External 3D models also can be imported into your project!

Islay Pro

Islay 3D

Developer: Dandy Ling Kwong

Create 3D games with Islay3D! All you need is a web-browser, without any installation whatsoever!

Islay 3D
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