The following are the research fields of Team Kamada:

  • Islay (Interactive animation tool based on state-transition diagram)
  • Image processing
  • Android development
  • Web development

Seminar / Activity

The seminar (research-related meeting between the students and the professor) takes place once per week. The day of the week is decided at the start of the semester based on the schedule of the students and the professor. In the seminar, during the first semester, the students are requested to perform some GUI/web programming related assignments. The research theme will be decided after that. In the second semester, the student will report about their progress, as well as prepare for their final year project presentation.


Team Kamada has the following activities throughout the year:

  • Welcoming party (April)
  • End of semester drinking party (August)
  • Year-end party (December)
  • New-year party (January)
  • End of semester year drinking party (February)

There are also various activities that are organized on the go!


Room 702 (7th floor), Block S1
Hitachi Campus,
Ibaraki University,
Nakanarusawa 4-12-1,
Hitachi, Ibaraki,

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