Web System

Recently, social networking service (SNS) as well as video sharing websites are gaining huge traction over the internet. With the advent of cloud computing era with Google on the forefront, web system is the current big thing. Team Kamada research/develops new web systems that has yet to exist.

A Browser Add-on that Selects the Target of Facebook Post Automatically in Terms of the Languages that Your Friends Can Read

Developer: Yuji Fujishima

It checks the language of your post, and sets the target of the post automatically.

Currently, this add-on is available for Google Chrome. You can download it through the Chrome Web Store.

Web Store


Client participation-based website prototyping tool

Developer: Tsukasa Soutome

This is a website application that facilitates the collaboration between the developer and the client in the production of websites. This is done with the developer using website prototypes to obtain feedback from the client. This helps to reduce the development costs due to changes during the development.

Client participation-based website prototyping tool

Web API for database

Integrate the different kind of databases available by using an integrated Web API that allows access to the database without requiring any knowledge of the database used in the backend.

Cloud-based alarm system

Protect the streets with the power of everyone. Keep watch on the camera, and report any suspicious activity easily. We awaits your participation once the system is completed.

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