Android is an open-source operating system targeted at mobile platforms. Currently, Team Kamada is developing applications targeted at the Android OS, such as virtual travel service and grocery list application. In the near future, Team Kamada will delve into various fields in Android application development.

Conversation Promoting Application

Developer: Naohiro Kaneta

It can pick up some topics that both you and your partner are interested in!

This application will make you feel free to talk with others, without being concerned by no topic to talk about.


An Application that Makes it Possible for Ordinary Restaurants to Provide Service in High Quality

Developer: Tomohiro Uno

It will make the waiter serve dishes to the exact customer who made the order.

Also makes it easy to go Dutch!


Disaster messaging prevention system

Developer: Takahiro Mizuo

A messaging system that can be used during disaster (earthquake etc)

This application makes it possible to tweet through Twitter even if the telephone network is down.

Disaster messaging prevention system

Virtual Travel Service

Let you avatar travel to various places! Then, let your avatar take pictures with people they meet along the way!

A new kind of location-based game!

Grocery list sharing application

A communication support tool for family and housemates.

A reminder will popups when passing through nearby shops.

Islay on Android

Enjoy the games/animations created by Islay on Android.

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